Transformed People Transforming Our Community

Our lives are made new by faith in Jesus Christ, through whom we find courage and strength to love God and love others wholeheartedly. Therefore, we intend to be agents of His hope and holiness in the world by... 


The Church is Christ-followers coming together to find friends, faith, and fulfillment. So, it is our aim to help one another experience this through Christ-centered worship, personal relationships and radical obedience to God's will.


The Church is called to teach people to love God, to love one another and to love their neighbors. We strive to make this love real through biblical teaching, as well as the practice of careful stewardship of our time, talents and treasure.


The Church is God's instrument for spreading hope and holiness everywhere and to everyone. We purpose to do this through compassionate service, faithful voices and holy lives that make God's love real to others.